about us

Art and Design: Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Photography. You name it and our artist has probably worked in that medium. More than just knowing how to add a few effects in photoshop, we aim to bring an aesthetic and critical eye to all aspects of your site design. From the layout to the logo, every facet of your site will be designed with a critical eye for aesthetics.

Computer Science: working to bring you a site that behaves appropriately on all platforms and is on the cutting edge of Web Authoring standards. With these tools, your site won't suffer from outdated content, it will be glitch free, and it will be easy to update. Too often we've seen sites fall by the wayside as a jungle of uninterpretable and garbled HTML. Here, we set the bar higher, meaning whether or not you come back to us for your future updates you won't be forced to start again from scratch.

With these two disparate approaches melded together, at Chance Web Design we create sites that do not just function well, or look good, or are easy for users to navigate- we strive for all these things. Art and Computer Science, the Synthesis of Web Design.